Woman scammed by George Strait impersonator shares story…

Cynthia Kile, scam victim. Photo: Gray News

A North Dakota woman said she was the target of a scam where she lost $900 to a man claiming he was country music star George Strait. “I’m getting scammed,” said Cynthia Kile,

“When it actually happened, I was denying it.”

Kile said this scam was going on for months. After initially clicking a link on Facebook, she was asked to join a George Strait fan club.

The Fargo woman thought she was talking to the real music star and was told to pay money to join the club. This would happen multiple times when the impersonator would ask Kile for more money.

“If you are a celebrity, why are you asking me for money? You make more money than I’ve ever seen in my life,” Kile said.

Kile said the scam was starting to have a negative impact on her relationships. She was draining her money despite being on a limited income.

Eventually, she sought help after her boyfriend intervened, and she spoke with a pastor and counselor.

Written By: Aaron Walling for Gray News

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