Downtown Austin employees chase, tackle man who smashed door with pipe…

The inside of theCHIVE after a man smashed the door with a lead pipe (Courtesy theCHIVE)

Employees at a business situated in the thick of South by Southwest say they chased down a man who smashed their glass door with a long pole or pipe and held him until police arrived. Much of it was caught on a security camera and by employees with their phones.

Employees at theCHIVE, a media company based in Austin, say around 12:45 p.m. Wednesday a man walked past the company’s building at 98 San Jacinto Boulevard and used a roughly four-foot pipe to break the glass door.

In the surveillance video, you can see the man start to walk off but employees follow him.

“First thing I did was pull out my phone, start dialing 9-1-1, started tailing him,” said one of those employees, Justin Bricer, office manager at theCHIVE. “And then he starts chasing me with the pipe and we just take off this way towards The LINE.”

Surveillance video from theCHIVE shows the man eventually turning on employees who follow him. He hits the door with the pipe a second time as he’s being chased.

That’s when the man and employees left the security camera’s view but employees say the man didn’t make it very far before they tackled him and held him down until police arrived.

“I’m a brown belt in Brazilian jujitsu … so it was easy work, easy work,” said Jonathan Ybarra, vice president of eCommerce at theCHIVE. He made the tackle.

Employees at theCHIVE said the man had also threatened and been targeting some of the neighboring hotels in the area. It happened on a day when many people were walking around the Austin Convention Center and the surrounding hotels for SXSW.

“We’re downtown so, of course, we’ll get a few homeless people in but on this level of violence where it is threatening the safety of our employees, no. I mean no, not at all,” said Evangeline Carpenter, HR generalist at theCHIVE.

Written By: Grace Reader for KXAN

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