Lock Up! Look Out! Sabine County convicted murderer Matthew Edgar Hoy remains on the run after two months; State District Judge Craig Mixson had granted a $50,000.00 bond….

Left: Matthew Hoy Edgar, 24 of Hemphill, Right Livye Lewis was a 19-year old Hemphill resident and Certified Nurses Aide at a local nursing home. Photo: Edgar, Sabine County Jail; Lewis, Facebook.

Nearly two months after he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, Sabine County convicted murderer Matthew Hoy Edgar remains on the run. Edgar was last seen on Wednesday, January 26th as he left the Sabine County Courthouse in Hemphill during his murder trial for the October 31st, 2020 shooting death of 19-year-old Livye Lewis.

That was the third day of his trial. The following day, Edgar failed to show up in court and as a mass of law enforcement officers searched for him, the trial continued with the jury convicting him and then sentencing him to 99 years in state prison.

Early on in the search for Matthew Hoy Edgar, Maddox said various tips and leads had law enforcement agencies looking for the 25-year-old fugitive in the Golden Triangle, northeast Texas, and also locations in the states of New Mexico and Missouri.

When he is caught, Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox said whichever law enforcement agency captures him will deliver him directly to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. “He’ll go straight to prison. He will not pass go, he will not collect two-hundred dollars, he’ll go straight to prison – just as straight as we can get him there”, said Maddox.

Prior to and during his trial, Matthew Hoy Edgar had been out of the Sabine County Jail on bond following a bond reduction hearing in which State District Judge Craig Mixson granted a $50,000.00 bond.

If you have any information about the possible location of Matthew Hoy Edgar, you can call the Sabine County Sheriff’s Office at (409) 787-2266, or your local law enforcement agency. You do not have to give your name.

Written By: Steve W. Stewart for KJAS Jasper, Texas

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