Jasper ISD school board votes in favor of 4-day school week, will pay teachers $3,000 ‘retention incentive’…

Teachers will receive $3,000 and all other staff will receive $1,500 Graphic Credit: Jasper ISD

The Jasper Independent School District is introducing a new academic calendar and financial incentives that are expected to leave a positive impact on teachers, staff, students, and parents.

The Jasper ISD Board of Trustees unanimously voted to give teachers and staff retention incentives for the 2022-2023 school year.

Teachers will receive $3,000 and all other staff will receive $1,500. Both will be paid in three installments, according to Jasper ISD.

District leaders said they’re excited to provide monetary incentives thanks to the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund.

“Retaining and recruiting quality teachers is very important to all school districts during a nationwide teacher shortage and the board of trustees is working diligently for our JISD staff,” the district said.

The board also unanimously approved the 2022-2023 academic calendar, the district said Wednesday.

The district’s 2022-2023 academic calendar development process began in November. The Jasper ISD Board of Trustees took a survey to hear from teachers, staff, parents, and community members about a four-day week model for the upcoming school year.

“On Fridays that teachers come in, they will be able to have PLCs and Professional Development without missing class time,” the district said.

The length of the school day was not extended, and the calendar includes the required 75,600 minutes plus five bonus school days of student instructional time, according to the district.

Written By: Kierra Sam for KBMT Beaumont, Texas

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