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With flood insurance changes expected to wallop Louisiana, calls for more transparency mount; Customers will start learning of new rates beginning in April…

Tommy Phillips of St. Charles Parish at his home in Boutte. Photo: Brett Duke NOLA.com

Tommy Phillips was so worried that he went to his insurance agent to get some answers – and they weren’t good.

Phillips, who lives near Boutte in St. Charles Parish, near levees, a canal and a pumping station, heard about changes on the way for the nation’s flood insurance program and wanted to know how much more he’ll eventually have to pay. FEMA has not yet provided that information, so he asked his insurer to quote him a rate as if it were a newly built house.

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The price he ended up with was more than $8,100 annually. Phillips currently pays $567 – making it an increase of more than 1,300%, to be phased in over multiple years for a house that has never flooded. He lives in an area where flood insurance is required.

“That’s just ludicrous to think of that,” said the 52-year-old, who moved into his 2,400-square-foot in 2003, when it was new, and raised his two children there. “People can’t afford it. They can’t pay it. So what happens to their homes? They’re going to have to default their mortgages.”

Written By: Mike Smith for The Advocate

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