Small Town of West Citizens Can Now Overpay for Coffee! First Starbucks opens in the city of West…

New Starbucks in West, Texas (Photo: Rissa Shaw for KWTX)

The national coffee chain has opened its latest store in northern McLennan County.

Starbucks opened in the City of West Monday.

The store sits right along the frontage road on south side of Interstate-35 next to McDonalds.

“We’re looking forward to Starbucks being a part of this town,” West Mayor Tommy Muska told KWTX in November.  

“That whole area, that intersection west on that corner there is prime for economic expansion and growth right there, and so it’s a wonderful time in the City of West.”

Employees were training at the location for about two weeks before Monday’s opening.

Written By: Rissa Shaw for KWTX Waco, Texas

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