College Station woman’s truck stolen while attending Houston Rodeo…

Fiona Meyer was with her daughter who was showing heifer, and this left them with no way to get themselves or the livestock home. Photo: KBTX

Fiona Meyer was at the Houston Rodeo with her daughter when their truck was stolen from a parking garage.

Meyer’s daughter was showing heifer at the Houston Rodeo. When their truck was stolen, they had no way to get themselves or their livestock home.

When the pair finished up at the rodeo on Thursday, they parked in a parking garage that had multiple points of security and cameras. But, that didn’t deter crime. Meyer received a notification on her phone around 11:00 p.m. saying her truck had been broken into. When she went to check on the damage, she found nothing in it’s spot.

“It was just a year old, had hardly any miles on it. Still was brand new to us and just the feeling of loss when you go down there and the spot where you know you parked it is empty, is horrible. I mean really it’s a horrible, horrible feeling,” Meyer said.

She immediately reported the theft to police. They advised her to check the truck’s tracking system, but the tracking system had been disabled shortly after it exited the parking garage.

Meyer said she will press charges if police find out who stole her truck. Police told Meyer in order to track a stolen vehicle, they should put extra trackers like Air Tags or Tiles hidden in the vehicle.

Written By: Morgan Riddell for KBTX

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