Bill to make daylight saving time permanent passes Senate, Goes to House Next…

Antique clocks are displayed at the Electric Time Company, in Medfield, Massachusetts. Photo: Charles Krupa

Those who hate changing their clocks may have some good news on the horizon.

The Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would make daylight saving time the new, permanent standard time.

Senators passed the Sunshine Protection Act by unanimous consent. The bill was introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and co-sponsored by 17 Republicans and Democrats.

The senators also wrote that 20 of the 48 states that observe the time change have passed proposals for year-round daylight, though the federal law that created time zones would still have to be changed. Rubio said the legislation’s implementation would be delayed until November 2023 to give industries such as airlines time to adjust.

The Sunshine Protection Act now heads to the House.

Written By: Staff WSYX

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