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A wild start to storm season: Hail, funnel clouds and a possible tornado all spotted across North Texas on Monday evening…

Communities northeast of Dallas caught the brunt of the activity, with large volumes of hail dumping on Rockwall and a possible tornado near southern Fannin County. Photo: ABC8

North Texas’ early spring storm season kicked off with a flurry of activity on Monday night — bringing hail, funnel clouds and even a possible tornado to the region, while most of the area only saw a smattering of thunderstorm activity and brief downpours, areas directly to the northeast of Dallas saw much more drastic conditions.

Ultimately, though, representatives with the City of Rockwall said that they had “no major damage” to report from the storm. 

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Farther to the north and east, things appeared to take a far graver turn: Footage shared by residents near the City of Leonard — located about an hour’s drive northeast of Dallas in Fannin County — showed clear funnel cloud formations in the area shortly after 6 p.m.

Additional footage shared later in the evening appeared to show that a possible tornado had formed in the region, damaging buildings and property throughout the rural community. Power outages also struck the Leonard area.

Whether Monday night’s damage in Fannin County was caused by straight-line winds or a tornado will not be confirmed until Tuesday morning when the National Weather Service assesses the situation and its damage.

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