Wrong Place, Right Time in San Antonio; Business owner speaking out after deadly shooting, bullet narrowly misses employee…


Scary moments for restaurant employees as a man is shot to death right in front of their doors. Witnesses say bullets went flying, narrowly missing one employee. The restaurant owner says the entire incident was chaotic. Robert Walker, owner of Papa’s Burgers on the city’s Westside says it was by the grace of God that no one else was injured in last nights attack. He says his employees are like family, and tonight he is thankful they are okay.

“The first thing I did was just embrace each one of the, and held them.” Says Walker

Walker says he received a frantic call from his employees after a man was shot to death right in front of his restaurant, Papa’s Burgers, in the 900 block of Southwest 36th St.

“Unfortunately, the victim was trying to defend himself. Unfortunately he found two armed assailants. It ended up getting pretty ulgy right at the doorstep of the restaurant. ” Says Walker

Police say the victim a 48 year old male was shot, after the suspects confronted the man and demanded the keys to his vehicle. Walker says an employee was right behind the man as he exited the restaurant. When the employee saw what was happening he ran, as shots were fired on of the bullets when through a window, narrowly missing the employee.

“Obviously trying to fight off the victim, and some of the rounds went through the windows of our building. They actually went in through the windows and hit the other side of the wall.” Says Walker

Crime prevention specialist, Gilbert De La Portilla says if your confronted during a carjacking, it’s not worth your life.

“Just give them what they need and what they want, what they request. These items can be replaced.” Says De La Portilla

De La Portilla also says try not to look the suspect directly in the eyes, look down and try and spot something that will help you recognize them like clothing or a tatoo. Walker says his employees are now left trying to cope with their feelings and emotions.

“It was a scary situation, but you know I’m just very proud and happy that our guys were safe.” Says Walker

Written By: Mike Jimenez for News4SA

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