Cyber Attack Thwarted by The City of Amarillo; Attempts to Hold City Hostage Failed…

A cyberattack on the City of Amarillo was successfully thwarted this past weekend, namely due to the COA’s robust security network. The security system was able to detect and identify and halt the attempted breach. The origin of the attack has not been released.

As of today, no information was lost and no ransomware was deployed. Out of caution, all e-mail systems will be offline until IT can determine if the e-mail systems are unaffected by the attempt. All other systems appear to be operating. The city will be able to issue permits and accept payments and collect trash, only the e-mail systems seem to be the only systems affected at this time.

“Due to the City of Amarillo’s identification and quick containment actions, it appears that they prevented any destructive code from executing. Without these actions this could have been a far more devastating situation,” said Kevin Walsh, Senior Consultant of Secureworks.

Anyone needing to contact the COA during this e-mail outage should call the COA’s operator at (806) 378-3000.

By: Michael Sinclair for ABC 7 News

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