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Pedal Power; E-bike sales spike as consumers look to avoid high gas prices, just watch yourself getting on the freeway…

E bike sales on the rise due to gas prices. ( Photo: Hope Merritt)

Skyrocketing gas prices are prompting more people in the Brazos Valley to switch to two wheels instead of four.

The Light Electric Vehicle Association said the United States imported almost 800,000 electric bikes in 2021, a huge increase from the nearly 450,000 e-bikes imported in 2020. Experts say they expect sales to track towards $1 million in 2022. With the global market heading to $40 billion.

Customer of Aggieland Cycling Damond Carter, said the high price of diesel lead him to consider getting an e-bike.

“I just filled my truck up, and about two days later it jumped up 50 cents,” said Carter. “It looks like that’s the way to go right now, with everything being electric nowadays…I’ve never had one but it might be the way to go right now.”

Rod Wagner, owner of Aggieland Cycling, said bicycles have been in constant demand ever since the pandemic hit in 2020. But now, the demand is expanding in the community for e-bikes.

“There really isn’t a week or even a couple days where someone doesn’t come in and ask about an e-bike,” said Wagner.

As gas prices raise to over $4 in the area, Wagner said e-bikes may be the future of transportation.

“We’re very pleased with e-bike sales,” said Wagner. “They are going very well right now and we are keeping up with the demand.”

For many, the one time cost of an e-bike outweighs gas prices every time you head to the pump.

“I think it’s definitely worth it and as time goes on just like in cars, the batteries are going to get cheaper,” said Wagner. ”They are going to be easier to make, so when that happens the price of electric bikes just drops.”

Written By: Hope Merritt for KBTX

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