Friday Variety: Blue Bell drops new ‘peachy’ ice cream flavor…

Comes with chunks of sweetened peaches and only available for a limited time. Photo: Blue Bell

The folks over at Blue Bell have a new flavor of ice cream out that is just peachy.

Blue Bell is unveiling a new peachy flavor for their fan’s tastebuds, called “Peachy Peach.” 

The ice cream company said the new flavor comes with chunks of sweetened peaches and is available for a limited time only.  

The ice cream maker says the flavor was originally introduced in 2012, but only at parlors and restaurants, not stores.

“Avid Blue Bell fans may recognize Peachy Peach from their local ice cream parlor. We introduced this flavor in 2012, but only in the 3-gallon size that you see at parlors,” sales manager Carl Breed said.

“It has never been available for purchase in grocery stores. We want to share this delicious flavor with even more people. It is a great addition to our in-store lineup.”

They say the Peachy Peach flavor is the perfect springtime treat, whether eaten in a cone, bowl or tasty milkshake. 

Written By: Tyler Gibson for Nexstar

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