The Ukrainians Know: It Would Be a ‘Tragedy’ if Kamala Harris Won Presidency…

Iuliia Mendel, a former press secretary to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, tweeted Thursday it would be a “tragedy” if Vice President Kamala Harris were to become president. Photo: Saul Loeb/Getty

Mendel Mendel was quote-tweeting a video clip of Harris’s press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday, where the vice president laughed when asked a question about Ukrainian refugees. 

Specifically, a journalist asked Harris what the U.S. would do to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland and in the U.S. and then asked Duda a question.

After Duda gestured for Harris to speak first, she cracked a joke and began laughing, prompting Duda to take the question directed at him.

Harris is visiting Eastern Europe in the midst of an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that began in late February, to reassure allies.

Harris also during the press conference with Duda mistakenly called Eastern Europe the “northern flank” before correcting herself to say the “eastern flank.”

Written By: Kristina Wong for Breitbart

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