Chambers County Sheriff’s Office asking for your help after grisly, possible human remains found in south Anahuac…

Photo: Chambers County Sheriffs Office

Chambers County Sheriff’s deputies are asking for the public’s help after finding what they believe are human remains in south Anahuac.

Deputies were dispatched to an area in south Anahuac in reference to possible human remains being found, according to a Chambers County Sheriff’s Office release.

Detectives believe the remains are human due to evidence found on a lower body part. Detectives are working with crime scene technicians to find additional evidence and remains.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking for help to identify the possible remains. 

If anyone knows of someone that is missing, and possibly had a medical procedure done somewhere on the lower part of their body, they are asked to call the Chambers County Criminal Investigation Division at 409-267-2500.

Written By: Tiana Johnson for KBMT, Chambers County Sheriffs Office Release

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