Dog Killer sentenced to prison for killing chihuahua by throwing it against tree, robbery…

Tyrone Mattox has his probation revoked due to his alleged involvement in a second robbery.

A Beaumont man was sentenced to prison Wednesday morning for robbery and killing his girlfriend’s chihuahua by throwing it against a tree in a ‘fit of rage.’ 

Tyrone Mattox was sentenced to 25 years for the armed robbery and 10 years for the animal cruelty charge. The two sentences will run concurrently. 

He was previously given probation for the two charges. Judge Raquel West revoked his probation on Wednesday since Mattox is accused of taking part in a second robbery while on probation. 

Mattox was arrested as one of three suspects in a convenience store robbery and car chase in November 2019.

In that same month, his ex-girlfriend’s dog went outside while Mattox was having a ‘fit of rage’ according to court documents.  

The documents say his girlfriend called Mattox’s mother during the disturbance to come and calm him down. They say his mother tried to speak to him while holding the dog. 

Mattox allegedly took the dog and ‘violently’ threw it against a tree, killing it almost immediately. The documents say he then put the dog into a dumpster before leaving the scene.

Indictment documents say he admitted to killing the dog, and that it wasn’t his intention. He allegedly told investigators it was ‘f***** up.’  

Mattox was also arrested in January 2020 for assaulting his girlfriend and vandalizing her apartment while she was away according to indictment documents.

Written By: Raegan Gibson for KBMT Beaumont, Texas

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