That Was All Tip Jar Money! Neches Brewing Company bartender on trial for felony theft

A trial began March 8 accusing a former Neches Brewing Company employee of using her position to steal money from the brewery. 

Chelsea Fountain, 29, one of Neches Brewing Company’s first hires according to its owner, entered a plea of not guilty Tuesday morning in Judge Raquel West’s courtroom. She’s charged with felony theft for allegedly stealing approximately $10,000 between 2018 and 2020.

According to information presented in court by owner Tyler Blount, Fountain would give out free beer tokens to friends — tokens that were intended for charity events. 

“My own parents pay for beer,” Blount said, further stating Fountain would fudge her time sheets, as well.

Written By: Scott McLendon for The Examiner Photo: The Neches Brewing Company

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