Local man takes to the streets to clean up Jasper…

Richard Rasinski, who became upset about the trash and garbage along the streets of Jasper said he decided to take the problem to task and began to pick up trash along Burch Street in East Jasper.

A Jasper man who has over the last few weeks become concerned about the amount of trash along the streets decided this week to take matters in his hands and pick up trash in hopes of making our town look better.

Richard Rasinski, 67, who is a retired defense worker, who is handicapped and suffering from back problems said he decided that the best place to start was his own neighborhood.

Rasinski, who lives at the corner of Burch and Franklin Streets in East Jasper, said that within a short time, he had already picked up 10 contractor bags of trash.

The trash collected ranged from empty cigarette packs to beer bottles and wire.

Rasinski said his decision to pick up the trash was inspired by God. He went on to say “You know this is not our land, it is on loan from our Lord, but it is our responsibility to take care of it.”

Jasper City Works Director Greg Kelley said Monday that workers with the Parks Department sometimes pick up trash along the streets and thoroughfares, but that in most cases trash is picked up by inmate labor, individuals performing community service and also the volunteers from the Burke Center and the Master Gardeners group.

On Monday, the City of Jasper announced that it will begin a Spring Clean Up Campaign for limbs and yard debris only. Kelley said local residents wanting to take advantage of the clean-up which will run from March 21st through March 25th, should call City Hall and tell them where to pick up the debris. Once again, Kelley stressed the items that will be picked up free of charge within the City of Jasper will include limbs, grass clippings and other vegetation debris.

Written By: Mike Lout for KJAS Jasper, Texas

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