Suit alleges carnival ride was unsafe for children

HOUSTON – A lawsuit seeking more than $1 million in damages was recently brought on behalf of a minor child who was allegedly injured because of an unsafe carnival ride. 

The lawsuit was brought by Lorena Campos and names Jack Jeffery, doing business as Texas Born Amusements, and Turcios & Turcios, doing business as Anclamar’s W. Reception Hall, as defendants. 

According to the lawsuit, on Jan. 1 Campos and her son were at the defendants’ amusement park. The minor was on one of Defendants’ rides, in which numerous riders are spun around while seated in a partially enclosed circular platform. While the ride was in operation, the minor child’s safety restraint and belt broke. 

“The (child) was thrown around in the ride, striking his body and head numerous times, as numerous individuals screamed for the Defendants to stop the ride,” the suit states. “When the ride finally stopped, Defendants informed (the child’s) mother, Campos, that an attendant was supposed to (but did not) ensure the restraints were secure. Defendants failed to properly inspect and maintain its rides, including the equipment and safety restraints. Defendants were aware of the risks, yet proceeded anyway. 

“Simply put, Defendants failed to ensure the ride was safe for the children, including (Campos’ son).”

The child received treatment at the hospital immediately following the incident.

The suit is accusing the defendants of gross negligence. 

Campos is represented by attorney Andrew Dao of the Daly & Black law firm in Houston and Sina Zadeh of The Sina Zadeh Law Firm in Houston. 

The suit was filed in Harris County District Court. 

Written by Staff reports 

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