by  Sheriff Robert Burby

 Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) answered   55 calls to service last week from January 3, 2022,  to January 9, 2022.     We currently have 21 inmates in the following Jails, 9 housed in Newton, and 12 housed in Jasper.     Last week there were 7 individuals booked into the Jail.

The following individual(s) were booked and arraigned: 

Labiche,Audra Dawn    1/06/2022          F1        Agg Assault Date/Family/House W/Weapon

Williams,Joe                1/5/2022            M*       Bond Forfeiture (Assault CBI Fam Mem)

Spikes,Ceasar Oneal    1/6/2022            F2        Man/Del CS PG 1>=1G<4G     

                                                            F*        Parole Violation (Del of C/S)    

Lynch,Derek                1/2/2022            F2        Motion to Revoke (Poss CS PG 1/1-B>=4G<200G)

                                                            F*        MTRP (Poss C/S PG1) Jefferson County

Hartsfield,Chesten       1/2/2022            MC       Traffic Offense Class C

Roy,Lacy J                   1/8/2022            **         FTA-Poss Marijuana (Beauregard Parish)

Thomas,Zachary           1/5/2022            FS        FTA-Credit or Debit Card Abuse (Hardin Co)

The following calls to service and reports were received by NCSO:

Newton:  Disturbance, Abandoned Autos, Juvenile Delinquency

Shankleville:  Animal Nuisance (Dogs trying bite horses), False Alarm

Call:  Traffic

Old Salem:   Theft, Welfare Concern, Motor Vehicle Accident, Theft, Extra Patrol, Disturbance, Harassment

Bon Wier:    Violation of Protective Order, Welfare Concern

Sandjack:  Trespassing/Theft, suspicious Activity, Extra Patrol

Trout Creek:   Deadly Conduct

Buna: Scam Call

Buckhorn:  Alarm      

 Toledo Bend: Terroristic Threat, Theft

Fawil:  Suspicious Activity

Burkeville:    Loss Cows (Hwy 63W), Terroristic Threat, Suspicious Activity

Wiergate:  Suspicious Activity

Kirbyville:  Trespassing, Information/Burglary

Deweyville:  Welfare Concern, Suspicious Activity, US Marshall Service (Warrant Services), Extra Patrol, Disturbance, UYUMV

Written by Sheriff Robert Burby

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