East Texas couple converts bus to put video games on the go

POLLOK, Texas (KTRE) – The arcade now comes to you with the Skoolz Out Mobile Gaming Bus. It’s the endeavor of Joshlyn and Tre Jackson, who are looking to bring in the next wave of video game experience through their originally designed bus that is meant for gamers of any age.

“It’s an experience where you just pay for it and we set up everything else,” said Tre. “We come to you, we’ll set the bus up, your kids will have a great time, (or) adults, you know, because there are adult video gamers my age.”

The idea for the gaming bus might have stayed just that if not for the COVID-19 pandemic. When Tre lost his job, there was a stretch of time where he wasn’t sure what to do, but the Jacksons together decided that this was the opportunity to take the leap.

“For about two weeks I went without a job and this wasn’t even in the thought,” said Tre. “So it was, am I going to go get a job? I know there is a job out there.”

Jackson says he wants to one day bring back the old arcade setup to Lufkin for the new era of video gaming, but that the vision starts with the mobile bus. Joshlyn says that finding the unit to reinvent started with a used bus from Rusk I.S.D. that now offers a much different experience from your typical bus ride.

“Somebody bought it from Rusk and then we bought it from them and completely re-did it,” said Joshlyn. “We took the seats out, gutted everything, we completely painted the inside, added a bed liner on the floor so it would be more stable and wouldn’t be so slippery. On the outside we got the logo painted on and added lights to it. We did everything completely ourselves.”

To learn more about the mobile gaming bus, click here.

Written by Sevrin Lavenstein

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