3 Caldwell volleyball players guilty of unlawful restraint of teammate

CALDWELL, Texas — Three Caldwell High School volleyball players pleaded guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor charges after being accused of forcibly stripping a teammate in September.

A Milam County judge approved a plea agreement for misdemeanor unlawful restraint, a deal that carries a lower sentence than their original felony charges of indecency with a child by exposure.

Marina Brinkman, 17, Kadie Hartman, 17, and Katherine Hart, 18, must pay a $4,000 fine and complete one year of deferred adjudication.

The case against a fourth player — Sophie Goodman, 17 — is still pending.

The teenagers were indicted by a Milam County grand jury in November, facing accusations of forcefully stripping another student on the way back from a volleyball match.

Warrants were filled and the girls were arrested in October by Milam County law enforcement.

Caldwell ISD released the following statement:

In November 2021, Caldwell ISD completed the investigation of an incident that occurred on a CISD. The disciplinary action as a result of the investigation was in accordance with our Student Code of Conduct.

Upon receiving confirmation from the Milam County District Attorney of the outcome to the students’ charges, Caldwell ISD will reassess the disciplinary action in accordance with our Student Code of Conduct.

Kim Pagach, Caldwell ISD, director of communications

Written by Joel Leal , Rebecca Fiedler

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  1. The DA dropped the ball there plea bargaining down to misdemeanors from felonies. No justice for the 14 year old there. Not sure if remaining case trying for felony or going to let her skate too. That DA and ISD terrible at protecting students and females. Prayers God will protect the students since the law chooses not too.


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