Two brothers die trying to stay warm in snowstorm

MARYLAND — Utility crews are still working to restore power in Maryland after a big snowstorm on Monday.

Meanwhile, it was learned two brothers died during an outage, likely by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Grieving relatives say with no power in their house for more than 24 hours brothers Carlos and Luis Carranza had gotten so cold they made a tragic mistake, setting up this generator in their living room to power space heaters.

Last night they were found dead in the home.

Authorities suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.

Their uncle shared photos and his grief.

“He come back to home and try to sleep and just die. It’s really hard,” said Nelson Hererra.

Across southern Maryland power outages linger.

One dramatic example why, is how in a forest where normal utility trucks can’t go, there’s a tree down on power lines.

Smeco, the power company here, has about 170,000 total customers. Monday 45,000 of them were without power.

This afternoon, that count is below 5,000 but company spokesman Tom Dennison says it won’t be until tomorrow evening that they get to everybody.

“The combination of the heavy wet snow weighing down tree branches has been the primary culprit,” said Dennison.

Wells Court in Waldorf was one of those places where the outage lingered into today. This family staying in a hotel, stopping by their house to check in.

“We haven’t had any power since Monday probably around 2, 1 or 2 in the afternoon. We’re surviving,” said Brian.

This afternoon the lights came back on in this part of Waldorf.

Dennison says for utility crews, it’s all hands on deck until they get to everybody.

“We care about getting the service back on and were getting to it as quick as we can,” said Dennison.

In addition, to the brothers who died in that home, another person there was taken a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

It’s unknown if the home had carbon monoxide detectors.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends installing battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors and warns about the dangers of using a portable generator inside a home.

Written by CNN Newsource/ WJLA

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