CAPTURED: Texas man who escaped police after attacking 2 at Sonic taken into custody

Casey Phillips

Casey Phillips, 25, faces five felony charges including kidnapping & attempted murder.


The U.S. Marshals Service captured a 25-year-old Texas man who escaped from a Waco hospital.

Police say Casey Phillips, 25, is accused of attacking a mother and daughter at a drive-thru, as well as an alleged shooting in Burleson.

Phillips was located in the Hubbard area and taken into custody about 11 a.m., according to the Itasca Police Department.

Phillips faces five felony charges including kidnapping and attempted murder.

Police said Phillips is from Plano, but has ties to the Hubbard area.

Officials say he will be transported to the Hill County Jail.


A 25-year-old Texas man is at large after escaping from police in a Waco area hospital. Police say he is accused of multiple offenses, including attacking a mother and her daughter at a Sonic drive-thru.

Itasca police said the suspect, Casey Phillips, began his crime spree around 7:30 p.m. on Interstate 35W by allegedly shooting at another vehicle out of his window while driving in Burleson. He abandoned that vehicle in Itasca following the shooting and broke into an unoccupied 18-wheeler, according to police.

Phillips then left behind the 18-wheeler, with a weapon inside, and approached a mother and her 17-year-old daughter at a Sonic drive-thru.

“He attacked them with a knife ordering them out of the car, stabbing the 17-year-old,” said police. “An individual in the vehicle behind them in line at the Sonic drive-thru was able to intervene and disarm the suspect, putting himself at risk.”

However, Phillips was able to gain control of the vehicle, pushing the 17-year-old girl into the passenger seat with the mother. Police said he then “began driving erratically through the parking lot.”

Casey Phillips
Casey Phillips

The mother was able to get the door open and tried to pull her daughter out with her; according to police, both were injured after escaping and jumping from the moving vehicle.

“The vehicle was not pursued as officers were not yet dispatched,” said Itasca police. “The vehicle was followed by citizens who gave dispatchers updates.”

The vehicle then wrecked east of the city and rolled, according to police. A Hill County deputy and an Itasca sergeant arrived and took custody of Phillips who was then transported to what law enforcement thought was Hill Regional Hospital.

“Dispatch advised that they were going to Hill Regional when in reality they were going to Waco,” said Itasca lieutenant William T. Fausnacht. “The city is roughly 2000 people and typically there’s only one officer on duty at night.”

Leaving the city unattended is not permissible for officers, according to Fausnacht.

“There were several miscommunications with several agencies that lead to the subject being able to arrive at the hospital unattended and leave the hospital shortly after, with likely major injuries, against medical advisement,” said Fausnacht.

Written by Khadeeja Umana , Doug Myers

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