4 arrested after traffic stop turns into gun-involved police chase

While chasing an armed man, the man kicked the officer’s hand, causing his gun to go off, police say

KILLEEN, Texas — No one was injured after a traffic stop-turned foot chase resulted in an officer’s gun going off in Killeen Tuesday, according to the Killeen Police Department.  

According to the Killeen Police Department, officers stopped four men in a white Chevy pickup around 2:25 p.m. in the 1500 block of S. Fort Hood Street for a traffic violation.

While police were questioning the men, one of them exited the vehicle armed and ran. Killeen PD stated that an officer noticed the handgun, pulled his gun out and ran after the man. 

While the man was trying to jump a fence and he kicked the officer’s hand, causing his gun to go off, according to Kileen PD.

Police reported that the man suffered no injuries. However, he was located and arrested near West Lane and Jennifer Drive.

All four men have been transported to the Killeen City Jail.

Officers say, upon further investigation, they found two handguns and illegal narcotics.

Currently, this is still an open investigation. 6 News has no other information at this time.

Written by 6 News Digital (6News)

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