Waco restaurateur named on ‘Forbes Next 1000’ list

Eduardo Garcia is just 25-years-old but is already making a name for himself in the Waco business community.

WACO, Texas — At just 25-years-old, Eduardo Garcia is reaching new business heights in Waco. 

The owner of Helados La Azteca and Lalo’s Coffee and Pastries was named in the last installment of Forbes Next 1000 in 2021. 

The list brings light to a 1,000 new faces who are redefining what it means to build and run a business today. 

“I’m very prideful, I’m very grateful for the North Waco community, it’s been a very easy ride for us because of the support from the community,” Garcia said. “I meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends from just being up here sometimes, and it goes a long way.”

Garcia is the third from the area, including Devin Li from Community Cha and Mark McCormick from ScriptCo Pharmacy, to be named on the list.

Garcia expanded his family’s business in 2019, which began in the 90’s off of Franklin Avenue, by opening up a ice cream shop. 

That expansion led to the opening of Lalo’s Coffee and Pastries and a future location of Helados La Azteca off of Valley Mills, which is expected to open sometimes in 2022. 

“I first signed my lease when I was 22 years old, so if you would have told me that I was in the position that I am now, back then, I probably wouldn’t believe you,” he said. 

One employee, Juan Salazar, who serves as a barista loves working for Garcia. 

“His best skill is being able to work with everyone”  he said. “It’s amazing, especially for someone his age to have multiple businesses already and especially his family.”

Garcia will be given resources from top entrepreneurs in the world. 

Written by Matt Lively (KCEN)

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