New Years Day Fire destroys barn full of hay

The .barn which was owned by Martindale Farms was completely engulfed in flames when firemen arrived at the scene.

A fire that broke out on New Years day completely destroyed a large barn on the west side of Jasper.

The volunteers of the Jasper Fire Department were dispatched to the location at Martindale Farms on Live Oak Lane, just off of West Houston Street, shortly after 3: 00, when it was reported that the large barn, which was full of hay was on fire.

Firemen arrived at the scene and at the same time called for help from the Beach Grove Fire Department and it took the combined efforts of both departments to finally bring the fire under control.

It’s still not known what sparked the blaze that completely destroyed the barn and it’s contents.

No injuries resulted from the incident.

Firemen returned to the location shortly before 2:00 on Sunday afternoon when it was reported that the fire had been rekindled by high winds. However, within a short time the fire had been extinguished again.

Written by mlout

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