‘He died because he was intoxicated’ | A mother’s plea to not drink and drive

In 2020 during the holiday season, there were 70 alcohol-related crashes resulting in one death and nine serious injuries, according to TxDOT Waco District.

CRAWFORD, Texas — Pam Todaro lost her son Dillon Davis in 2014. 

“He died because he was intoxicated,” Todaro said. “I never thought that I would lose one of my children before I passed.”

He was in a tragic accident in Crawford after getting behind the wheel intoxicated. 

“When he had the crash his hips came up and the top of his head hit the cab of the truck where it meets the windshield,” Todaro said. 

Davis left behind a wife and two children. His mother said it has been difficult on all of them.

“I know ultimately that it was Dillon’s choice to drink and drive and that’s what ended his life,” Todaro said.  

Now she has partnered with TxDOT as a spokesperson for their campaign ‘Drive Sober. No Regrets’ where she shares her son’s story with the hope that it saves lives.

“I looked back and I know that if Dillon would have known that’s how he was going to end up that night, he would not have chosen to get behind the wheel of his truck,” Todaro said. 

Jake Smith with the TxDOT Waco District said in 2020 during the holiday season there were 70 alcohol related crashes resulting in one death and 9 serious injuries.

“If you do plan on drinking have a plan to secure a sober ride home and that can include a family, a friend, or a sober designated driver, a rideshare service, taxi or staying put where you are,” Smith said. 

Todaro urges everyone to be responsible so what happened to her family doesn’t happen to anyone else. 

“Even though Dillon is no longer here with me it’s bittersweet,” Todaro said. “It’s hard each and every time but I know he’s helping to save lives.” 

Todaro is the program coordinator at Texas A&M AgriLife Extensions with the BVIPC RED program.  It’s a Safe Communities Coalition to implement and support health initiatives designed to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities in Texas.  

The RED Program Team is available to conduct programs statewide, either via Zoom or In-Person. Parent-focused presentations are also available. 

To schedule a class contact RED Program Manager Mary Jo Prince at or 979-321-5225.

For additional information you can visit the RED program website here.

Visit to hear the stories of those who’ve been impacted by drunk driving. 

Written by Maria Aguilera

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