Putting pain at the pump into perspective

Just watching those amounts climb and climb as you stand by your tank pumping gas is likely painful.

On Saturday (Dec. 18, 2021), gas is $2.90 a gallon in Jefferson County on average.

That $2.90 also happens to be Saturday’s Texas statewide average.

Still expensive, but a month ago Triple A says $3.03 was the average price in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area.

A year ago Saturday, we were paying only $1.89 a gallon.

Saturday’s $2.90 a gallon is 53 percent higher today than this very day in 2020.

But here’s some perspective:

The record is $4.00 a gallon.

That was the average price in our area on July 16, 2008 during the recession.

It makes our $2.90 on Saturday not look as bad.

Written by KFDM/Fox 4

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