Robbery likely yields no return

Liberty PD investigates the scene of a robbery at Wells Fargo. The Vindicator | Russell Payne

There was quite the excitement at the Wells Fargo on Main St in Liberty this past Thursday afternoon, as a robbery was committed while a Brinks truck was loading the ATM in front of the location. According to Liberty PD Lt. Chip Fairchild, a man ran up and grabbed the box out of the machine before making off with it. However, the individual that ran off with the box was most likely disappointed.

“A guy ran up and grabbed the box out of the ATM machine, but it is believed that the machine was empty,” said Fairchild.

A lengthy investigation followed, with the area surrounding the front of the bank taped off most of the afternoon as law enforcement worked the scene.

“We do have a suspect identified, and we are waiting to get some information back from Brinks before moving forward,” concluded Fairchild.

Written by The Vindicator

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