Conservative Texas school board members speak out after ‘ridiculous’ censure, parents blocked from meeting

Two conservative Texas school board members spoke out Tuesday as the board tries to censure them over their pushback to parents being blocked from a meeting earlier this year.

Trustees at Round Rock Independent School District, Mary Bone and Danielle Weston, joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the incident, expressing their frustration over what they coin “ridiculous” resolutions. 

“We have had a lot of parents, like you’ve seen across the country, that have awakened, and we have a lot of organizations in our school district that are just organically growing from the community that are being led by my parents, and I think that is calling for transparency,” Bone stated.

Amy Weir, the president of the Round Rock ISD, near Austin, initiated two censure resolutions after the pair accused the board of violating the Texas Open Meetings Act.

During a meeting on September 14th, the duo allege the school board restricted the meeting room’s seating capacity while school police officers stood outside the doors to reportedly deter the public from entering. 

In response, Bone and Weston left the meeting and the board voted to increase taxes shortly after their departure. 

“We want to spend all of our resources on educating children, and we also believe in the rule of law,” Bone explained. “We believe in parental rights, and we believe in open government and for those things they want to censure us.”

The resolutions accuse the pair of disorderly conduct, rioting, and meeting disruption. 

Weston expressed her frustration over the accusations, calling the allegations “ridiculous” and “bizarre.”

“I was very surprised and disappointed to see that,” Weston explained. “My background is I’m a former Air Force officer. I was on active duty on 9/11. I served throughout the global war on terror. I take great pride in all that I have done and that my family has done in serving our country.”

“We were so excited to join our colleagues and work together to find common ground for our students who have suffered for a year and a half with historic learning loss,” she continued. “They have real academic needs that need to be met, and Mary and I’ve been spending our time trying to address those needs and to serve those students.”

Bone and Weston filed a lawsuit over the resolutions, which have been temporarily halted. 

“We’ve spent almost $50,000, and I’m sure the school district has also spent about that much, which is almost a teacher salary,” Bone explained. “We actually don’t see an end in sight.”

Weir released a statement following the judge’s decision to halt the resolutions, saying the board will “respect” it and “not interfere” in the process. 

She told Fox News, “We are not going to discuss the merits of the censure resolutions that are currently the subject of litigation.”

“We will respect Judge Lambeth’s order and not interfere with her decision-making process,” Weir stated. 

The next hearing for the censure resolutions is expected to take place at the end of December. 

Written by  Bailee Hill

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