Woman fell overboard from Carnival Cruise ship

LONG BEACH, California – The US Coast Guard says they’re standing down after a 31-hour search for a woman who went overboard while on a Carnival Cruise ship in Mexico.

Carnival Cruise’s Carnival Miracle’ ship docked at sun-rise Sunday, making its return to Long Beach from Ensanada, Mexico.

Authorities said a young woman went over-board from the balcony of her state-room a little after 3:00am Saturday morning, about 35 miles off the coast of Ensanada.

The US Coast Guard and Mexican Navy have partnered up to find the woman.

Police were seen on the ship…. Officers taking at least one passenger away in handcuffs…. As the investigation into *how* this happened continues.

The woman has not been identified, but passengers say she’s not from California and was traveling with her boyfriend and a family-member.

“We couldn’t believe something happened to her. Sweet young lady. A sweet soul. And she’s gone,” said Patricia Taylor, Carnival Miracle passenger.

Written by NBC News Channel

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