‘It’s good for my health’: She’s pacing toward a half-century of running marathons. At 74, this Arlington woman has no plans of stopping

“There are very few things in my life that I was doing 50 years ago that I’m still doing now,” said Annabelle Corboy. For whatever reason, running, stuck.

DALLAS — Annabelle Corboy admits she’s not consistent with many things.

“There are very few things in my life that I was doing 50 years ago that I’m still doing now,” said Corboy, marathon runner. 

For whatever reason, running stuck.

“I think it’s become a little bit of an addiction to me. I enjoy being outside. I like seeing what’s going on in nature.”

The passion for running outdoors has been that way since 1971.

That was the year Dallas held its first ever marathon. 

“I got talked into it. Certainly, had not trained,” she said.

Corboy was one of two women competing and was the only woman to cross the finish line at the White Rock Marathon. She won the female division.

Credit: Annabelle Corboy

“I was lucky to be in the forefront of it because I was a little bit of a rarity,” said Corboy.

Five decades of medals, trophies and memories are now in boxes or showcased inside her home. The collection comes from the two to three races she competes in each year, including 23 marathons.

“It’s nice to look back and see the good times I’ve had through running. Meeting new people, experiencing different places,” Corboy recalled.  

A lot has changed over the years: From technology to women’s running clothes, which were not common in the early 70s. 

“My mother made me some shorts out of terry cloth, and they didn’t work really well,” said Corboy.

Credit: Annabelle Corboy

At 74, one thing hasn’t changed — why she runs. 

“It’s just important for me. I think it’s good for my health,” she explained.

Step by step, Corboy is pacing closer to celebrating a half-century of running by completing the half-marathon at this weekend’s BMW Dallas Marathon Festival. She has no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

“I miss it when I don’t run.” 

Corboy said she is grateful for her family, who’ve been an incredible support system throughout her marathon journey. 

Credit: Annabelle Corboy

Written by Susanne Brunner

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