Watch body cam video: Woman who made two scenes over masks jailed in Galveston

The Oregon woman who went viral for refusing to wear a mask is in the Galveston County jail.

A Galveston County jury has convicted Terry Lynn Wright, 66, of criminal trespass for refusing to leave a Galveston bank after refusing to wear a wask.

Wright was also convicted of resisting arrest by using force against a peace officer.

Wright entered a Bank of America branch in Galveston in March without wearing a mask.

“The manager tried to accommodate Wright in various ways, but she refused every offer. Wright then refused to leave the premises. When a Galveston police officer arrived, she still refused to leave. Eventually, the officer arrested Wright, at which point she used force to resist,” according to a press release issued by Galveston County Criminal District Attorney Jack Roady.

After the bank incident, Wright was arrested at a Texas City Office Depot for refusing to wear a mask. Police body camera footage went viral of that arrest.

In the Galveston Bank of America case, a judge sentenced Wright to 12 days in the Galveston County Jail. Wright has credit for three days she already served. The DA said she is expected to be released after serving three more days.

“This was not a case about whether Americans have to wear masks,” said District Attorney Jack Roady. “This was a case about respecting private property and preserving the rights of business owners to run their businesses as they see fit,” Roady said in a statement.

“Here, the business owner attempted to make every reasonable accommodation for the defendant, but she refused those efforts and then refused to leave their property after being repeatedly asked to do so—and that’s asked the law,” Roady said.

Written by Aaron Drawhorn

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