Mother, daughter praise reaction of staff at Pro Image Sports after shooting at Killeen Mall

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) – A mother and daughter who were inside the Killeen Mall during Tuesday’s shooting are praising the staff at Pro Image Sports for not only keeping them safe, but also keeping them comfortable.

Lisa and Christina Charles are seen in the viral surveillance footage that captured the moments after shots were fired inside the mall. They said they were about the leave the mall right before the shooting.

The staff at Pro Image Sports immediately ushered them to a back room with a few others and kept them there for safety.

Not only did they lock them in until the all-clear was given by authorities, they also started talking with them, joking around and even came up with a rap song together.

Lisa Charles said the store manager stayed on the line with his employees throughout the ordeal, switching lines when one of their phone batteries died.

“Christina was like, we’re probably not even going to remember each other’s names anymore. And he’s like, no we’re family, we just went through something so we’re family now,” said Lisa Charles.

“And I was just like, we’ll that was another little sense of peace in that moment.”

Written by Michael A. Cantu

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