Day care worker accused of pawning stolen jewelry from toddlers

SAN ANTONIO (WOAI/KABB) ā€” A former day care worker was arrested after reportedly stealing and pawning jewelry from three different children.

Forty-five-year-old Virginia Vela Torres is accused of stealing jewelry from a 3-year-old and two 4-year-olds in November.

One of the 4-year-old-victims reportedly notified her parents that someone from the day care facility had taken their bracelet.

After an initial investigation, the San Antonio Police Department’s (SAPD) South Property Crimes unit learned that the bracelet had been pawned.

The two other victims made similar allegations with bracelets stolen and later pawned.

All the bracelets have since been recovered, according to police.

Torres was arrested on three State fail felony counts of Theft of a Person.

Torres no longer works at the day care facility, which is fully cooperating with detectives.

SAPD is asking those who feel they have been a victim of Torres to contact the South Property Crimes unit at 210-207-7184.

Written by SBG San Antonio

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