Cleveland police grow beards to raise money for children’s Christmas

Cleveland residents might have noticed that some of their favorite police officers are looking a little more rugged these days. That’s because Cleveland Police Department is participating in No Shave November, which has now been extended to December, too, and it’s all for a good cause.

“The officers wanted to have a no-shave period because our policies are pretty traditional and require them to be clean-shaven. Several of them came to me and indicated that they wanted to do something with No Shave November and carry it over to Shop With a Cop in December,” said Cleveland Police Chief Darrel Broussard. “Each of the officers was willing to purchase gift cards up to a minimum of $50 to donate to Shop With a Cop.”

The gift cards will help ensure that children, whose families are facing financial difficulties, still receive presents to make their Christmas season jolly and bright.

While they can’t grow actual beards, the ladies in Cleveland Police Department’s Investigative Division donned fake beards to participate in No Shave November. Pictured are Ida Rodriguez, Giselle Ochoa and Cindy Crouch.

“All of the kids who are picked for Shop With a Cop are indigent or in need of some help for Christmas. They are picked by the Shop With a Cop program and we will be shopping with these children on Dec. 10 at the Shop With a Cop event at Cleveland Walmart,” Broussard said. “The program is supported by Walmart every year and local officers participate by handing out gift cards and helping the children shop for Christmas.”

Between the gift cards contributed by officers and Cleveland PD staff, along with donations from the community, they have raised an estimated $2,000, which will go a long way in providing assistance for local children.

“I appreciate everyone in the police department for having a heart for children and wanting to help make the community shine,” Broussard said. “I even decided on my own to look 10 years older and grow a beard. I wanted to make it a very cheerful event.”

Written by Bluebonnet News

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