City of Pampa encourages people to shop local this holiday season

Downtown Pampa’s shop windows, like many towns, are full of gifts and holiday spirit.

When you purchase something from one of these businesses versus a big box store Cortnie Patterson, executive director for the Pampa Chamber of Commerce said 68 cents of every dollar spent stays in the town.

“I grew up in pampa and I remember growing up with the logo shop pampa first and I didn’t understand it as a kid,” Patterson said. “I didn’t understand why we needed to do that but now as an adult I see the impact that staying here and shopping here has on our community, has on the people here. It’s an individual impact it’s not just about the products that your buying but the people you’re continuing to maintain in the community.”

Paterson said hometown businesses are also 250% more likely to donate to a local cause.

One of the cool things about shopping local is you can get customized gifts from our region. Even if wanted to buy a clothing item for a gift the store owner is going to make your shopping experience really personable.

“We definitely know our customers they become friends over the years,” Jill Price owner of Sparrow’s nest said. “We have had the business for 11 years now.”

She’s looking forward to small business Saturday as a kickoff to Christmas on the high plains.

“it kicks off our Christmas season and so it’s a good time to have all the locals come in and start Christmas shopping,” Price said.

Besides buying a gift you can support local businesses by writing a review or following their social media pages.

Written by Morgan Duerden

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