Caught in the act: Man caught on camera stealing from Bryan restaurants tip jar

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -The holidays are usually a time of giving, but one local business says a customer took from those who deserve so much. Surveillance video shows a customer purchasing a meal at C&J Barbecue on Texas Avenue in Bryan last week. Instead of leaving a tip for the excellent service, they received a customer is seen distracting the cashier and taking $20 from the tip jar when they weren’t looking.

Restaurant management says though the amount taken may seem insignificant, the theft comes at a time when there are staffing challenges in the workforce. C&J Barbecue Co-Owner, Justin Manning says now is the time more than ever to show those in the hospitality industry they’re appreciated and not steal from them.

“It’s really disappointing with everything that’s been happening over the last couple of years and how hard it is to find good people. There’s so much going on and being short-staffed and to have someone come in and take your money is just, it’s like kicking you when you’re down,” said Manning.

“I expect more out of people and humanity,” said Manning. “if you need some money, if you’re down on your luck, come talk to me. I’d rather have a conversation with you than you just steal it. I understand times are tough. So there’s a lot of people that need money. I mean, I get that, but to steal from hard-working people that you know, are just trying to get by and pay their bills.”

If you can identify the person in the video, you’re asked to call C&J BBQ at 979-822-6033 or the Bryan Police Department at 979-209-5300.

Written by Donnie Tuggle

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