Winter Wonderland inside only underground home in Temple

TEMPLE, Texas – A Temple homeowner is going above and beyond with her Christmas decorations, but it’s where they are placed that is turning heads in her neighborhood.

Madame’ Brazil Noreaga owns the only underground home in Temple. Her house was built into a cliff in the 1970’s and her Christmas decorations stand out from the rest.

“I do all this, for the children,” said Madame’ Brazil Noreaga, owner of underground home.

Instead of decorating her front yard like most do, she’s created a Winter Wonderland inside her home.

“I don’t care too much for how inflatables look like during the day because they are all just deflated and they look dead. To me it doesn’t have nice curve appeal and I’m all about curve appeal,” said Noreaga.

The only part of the home that gets any natural light is the foyer because it’s the only part of the house that’s not underground. Since it has so many windows and it’s round in shape, she says it looks like a snow globe from the outside.

“Since this is a round area from the outside, in the evening it looks as this could be a snow globe. That’s why most of the things you see are snowmen including this hot air balloon, that I actually have tied to the beams so that way he’s floating and not touching the ground,” said Noreaga.

Everything inside, she bought from local stores and shops in Temple to help her Christmas display come to life.

“I literally moved here with nothing, no Christmas, not even a Christmas card, let alone an ornament. Now I have about 9 or 10 trees, over 100 pieces in the Christmas village. The City of Temple and the surrounding neighborhoods definitely have created this home from the Christmas décor all the way down to the home décor. I purchased things from the antique shops,” said Noreaga.

Her home meets all of the requirements to be considered a historic landmark, except for one.

“As soon as it hits the 50 year mark, I have plans to make this a historical landmarker, but instead of just getting a plaque on the home and doing it for myself, I do want to give it back to Temple,” said Noreaga.

That means, opening her doors to the community at least twice a year.

“I want to renovate this to open it up more so there could be little activities and I want to have someone off to the side like a table where an elf is going to do face painting for children and offer cookies, like Mrs. Clause handing out cookies,” she said.

Any donations collected would then go back to Temple.

“It’s the community of Temple giving back to the City,” said Noreaga.

If you decorate your home big for the holidays, FOX 44 wants to hear from you! Send us an email to and you might get featured in our newscast.

Written by Nohely Mendoza

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