Waco Police Department adds three officers amid intense recruitment efforts

WACO, Texas (KWTX) -The Waco Police Department has added new officers to protect our community after Monday’s 79th swearing-in ceremony.

“It gives me peace of mind that I know that I’m going to be helping out regardless if it’s going to be one person one day or a lot of people over my entire career,” Logan Weilburg, one of the new officers, said.

Weilburg is one of three who have sworn to protect and serve.

”I’ve always had a passion for being able to help people, especially the people who need the help the most,” John Cruce said.

It’s a huge step for these officers and their families.

“Growing up, I saw the police officers around the town and now I’m one of them,” Jonathon Davis said.

For the Waco Police Department, it’s a step forward in their recruitment efforts, especially after a $1.5 million grant opened the door for more officers to join.

“We have been awarded 12 additional positions on top of the 267 authorized so we are going to be recruiting pretty heavily over the next several months and hopefully get some great candidates,” Chief Sheryl Victorian said.

She is also hoping to find candidates who represent our community by adding more diversity.

“The upcoming academy, we have two females and we have several minority students so that’s going to be great,” Chief Victorian said.

“We’re also making sure we have a long-term plan in place that we are getting in high schools and we are telling people what qualifies them and disqualifies them to do this job.”

Chief Victorian says despite the challenges officers face, she’s confident in their ability to find those who have a passion for public service.

The department has an upcoming class in January and another in July.

Written by Katie Aupperle

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