11-year-old Houston girl shot multiple times in her sleep during drive-by shooting

HOUSTON — An 11-year-old girl was sound asleep in her bed when a hail of bullets hit a home on Blanchard Hill Lane early Sunday morning.

“Our preliminary information is that an SUV pulled up onto the street. Three males exited, walked down to the house in question, and started firing multiple rounds into the house,” said Houston PD Commander Jonathon Halliday.

The family’s car and two other vehicles nearby were riddled with bullets, leaving dozens of shell casings in the street for nearly a block.

Police say three other people — including the girl’s mother, her boyfriend and a sibling — were inside when gunfire erupted.

But the little girl was the only one hit.

“Multiple gunshot wounds to the to the face, chest, arms and legs. She was transported to the hospital with serious injuries but she’s going to survive,” said Halliday.

Investigators are working to determine a motive for the drive-by shooting.

Reporter: “How’s the mom?”

Halliday: “She’s upset, of course. She just came back from the hospital. We’ll talk to her to try and find out if she knows anything.”

Police are interviewing neighbors and hoping anyone with surveillance pictures capturing the crime will turn it over to them.

“Anytime it involves a child and it’s especially bad. We’re all parents, brothers and sisters and children are always innocent victims,” said Halliday.

Written by CNN Newsource / KTRK

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