Renaissance says still working toward Ford Park purchase despite delays

JEFFERSON COUNTY — Kevin Johnson with Renaissance Development released the following statement to KFDM/Fox 4’s Angel San Juan, who has covered Ford Park from the beginning and reported multiple stories about the long delay in Renaissance closing on the purchase.

Renaissance Development – Ford Park Project

Update December 2, 2021

As we get closer to completing the transaction with Jefferson County, we remain solidly focused on the task of completing the process and bringing Ford Park up to its potential. As we have stated it is a very complex project, with changes within our business module due to timing and the request from our finical institutions in relation to advancing phase two into an earlier timeline bringing more brick-and- mortar into play allows us to increase or financial goals.

Daily communication between all parties has led to more (and larger) future events that are already being implemented. And while Renaissance Development is involved with the park on a “regular” consistent basis we are not involve in the daily execution of the events. The positive side to this is that we can take an objective viewpoint on everything and focus on ways we can increase more opportunities in the future.

Numerous new agreements are in place as we look to bring new venues, activities and tenants to the property. Professional Basketball, dining, Logging and expanded athletics are just some of the items already in the development stages.

We look to be solely independent of the County in a very short time. Renaissance has been directed by the County to bear the burden of current shortfalls and will except any and all reasonable request from the County to do so.

Written by Angel San Juan

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