Man arrested after intentionally putting his foot on the gas pedal, injuring ex-girlfriend

SAN ANTONIO – A man accused of intentionally putting his foot on the gas pedal and injuring his ex-girlfriend was arrested on a felony family violence charge, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

David Lopez Jr. Hernandez, 42, was charged with Assault Family Violence- 2nd Offense.

Hernandez was dropping off his ex-girlfriend and her daughter at the ex-girlfriend’s apartment complex. When they arrived to the apartment, Hernandez began to argue with the ex-girlfriend about looking through her cellphone, according to affidavit documents.

Hernandez then told the ex-girlfriend’s daughter to get out of the vehicle.

The ex-girlfriend was seating in the passenger seat with her feet outside and her car door open attempting to leave with her phone when Hernandez intentionally accelerated the car.

The force of the car caused the ex-girlfriend to fall out of the car and roll onto the pavement. She was left with scrapes on her knees and her left shoulder.

She also complained to investigators about pain to her head.

Hernandez fled the scene but was later located and arrested.

Written by Alondra Luna

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