Stage is set for Lone Star Ballet Nutcracker shows

The props, scenery and backstage equipment for this year’s performance of the Nutcracker put on by the Lone Star Ballet have been brought to the Amarillo Civic Center.

Production manager Vido Rhodes said to get everything moved over for this special performance it took about six-to-eight trips filling up a 22-foot truck with all of the special touches needed for the show to come to life.

This rendition of the Nutcracker is billed as being the biggest Nutcracker play between Dallas and Denver and this year’s performance is a special one as this is this is the 50-year anniversary of the performance.

Rhodes said that while the dancers are the main draw of the show, there’s still plenty of hard work to be done behind the scenes to make sure the show goes off flawlessly.

“This is a nerve-wracking day for me because this is busy. Getting everyone coordinated, getting everyone signed in and contracted. It’s a big hectic day for me. But after we get through today get everybody on stage and start assembling and putting it all together it comes along pretty quickly,” said Rhodes.

Currently there are three planned performances scheduled for December 10-12, 2021. Tickets are available now at

Written by Dalton Williams

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