Southeast Texas woman rescues her dog after hawk swoops down and tries to grab the pet

HOUSTON — If you have a small pet– this is a story you’re going to want to hear–and see.

A woman in Houston watched as a red-tailed hawk swooped down to try and grab her chihuahua–and the entire scene was caught on camera.

Just 4 pounds and 12 weeks old, wrapped up in a white fur coat, little Lola is cute, cuddly and very curious.

But that little pup’s young life was almost cut short last week.

“I didn’t even see it until it was right on top of her. That’s how fast it happened.”

Kathryn Garver is Lola’s mom.

“There was nothing I could’ve done to have stopped it. Because i didn’t see it until it was already, she would’ve already been gone.”

When a red-tailed hawk suddenly swooped in and tried to grab her.


“It felt like he was right there and just, it was so fast. It just happened so fast, and I honestly thought he had gotten her.”

Luckily, mom, was just a few feet away.

“I don’t know if it’s that she ran so fast or that it saw me.”

And the hawk was unsuccessful.

As for hawk attacks, the Wildlife Center of Texas wants pet owners to know, while they can happen, they say it’s rare.

“It’s a possibility that the hawk could’ve grabbed the dog and could’ve done some damage, possibly even killed the dog, but this is a very rare occurrence for hawks.”

And say owners should stay careful at all times because predators can come in many forms.

“All kinds of wildlife and also domestic pets, like if a large dog was off leash in the neighborhood, that’s obviously a threat for that small dog and that’s obviously more likely also.”

A threat that sadly, Kathryn knows first hand.

She says her other pup, Cassie, a 14 year old chihuahua, was killed last year, by the neighbor’s dog.

“She was at their fence barking and the other dog, from the hole that they had dug, reached in, grabbed her and took her, and mauled her to death.”

She says they see hawks in Sienna all the time..

“Terrible in our area.”

So she’s protective to begin with, but with this most recent attempt–

“Watch them, like a hawk.”

Lola’s never leaving her sight.

Written by KFDM/FOX 4

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