Mixed reaction about new LSU head football coach

New LSU football coach Brian Kelly gestures to fans after his arrival at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021, in Baton Rouge, La. Kelly, formerly of Notre Dame, is said to have agreed to a 10-year contract with LSU worth $95 million plus incentives. source Matthew Hinton

NEW ORLEANS — A lot of people are talking about LSU’s pick for head coach. We spoke with fans across town who share their thoughts and what they think it’ll mean for the team.

Over the past five years, Coach Ed Orgeron made a name for himself at LSU.

“Everybody loves Coach O,” said Scott French. “He’s a lot of fun, knows football and he’s quite entertaining.” 

“He seemed like a good fit for LSU and he was a hometown guy, Cajun,” said Michael Castenada.

Of course, most notably was his 2019 season, when the team went 15-0 and won the National Championship.

“That team will go down as one of the best ever,” said Timothy Bright. “So I think he caught lightning in a bottle and he’s an unbelievable recruiter.”

“The guys liked him,” said Castenada. “He could get the guys pumped up, you could see it too if you saw a game at Death Valley, he had them pumped up all the time.”


However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

“Hate to see Coach O go because it was a lot of fun,” said French.

In October, LSU announced they’d be parting ways with Orgeron, and then said Tuesday, Notre Dame’s head coach, Brian Kelly, would take over.

“I thought he was a good fit for the culture, you know?” said Castenada. “It was his dream job but I don’t know, it felt like a quick departure for him.”

“I think it’s a great hire,” said Timothy Bright. “I think from an image standpoint he has an awesome reputation, he’s a winner and I think the program deserves someone with that character and history.”

“Winning record, great coach, obviously a motivator, big name draw, he’ll do well here,” said French.

Not everyone though is convinced.

“I’m not rooting for him but he’ll probably get some wins,” said Castenada. “I think it’ll be a culture shock kind of thing, different guy than Ed Orgeron, I don’t know if they’ll be happy with that.”

And as Kelly gets ready to call Death Valley home, fans are looking forward to the Tigers’ future, but not forgetting their past and what Ed Orgeron did for the team.

“There’s always going to be mixed opinions, those will play out over the next couple of years, we’ll see what happens,” said French.

“Coach O thanks for everything!” said Bright. “Good luck in retirement and you have that national championship under your belt so a lot to be proud of.”

Football fans did seem to say next season will be one of adjustment. However, they believe another National Championship could happen in the future.

Written by Jade Cunningham / WWL Eyewitness News

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