Bexar County Sheriff’s cadet who died during first day of training identified as 59-year-old

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – A 59-year-old Bexar County sheriff’s detention cadet died Monday after he suffered a medical episode during physical exercise training on his first day.

Authorities say Cadet Kevin Reaux died at the beginning of a BCSO training academy for 13 cadets. As they began their physical exercise training, Reaux began to experience shortness of breath and was allowed to rest.

Authorities said as the cadet was resting, he began to feel worse and eventually lost consciousness. Academy instructors performed life-saving measures and called for medical help.

Reaux was taken to Methodist Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 5:39, officials said. The Medical Examiner has determined Reaux’s cause of death is cardiovascular disease.

Sheriff Javier Salazar released the following statement regarding Cadet Reaux’s death.

“The loss of Cadet Kevin Reaux is heartbreaking, especially given the fact that he lost his life at the start of his new career with the Sheriff’s Office. Although I only spoke to him briefly while welcoming his new cadet class yesterday, his honorable character was shown by his willingness to serve our community. We ask for your thoughts and prayers for his blood family and his family in blue.”

Reaux is survived by his two daughters. Officials are working to prepare funeral services at this time.

Officials say Cadet Reaux will be receiving full honors.

Written by Emily Martin

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