R.C. Slocum completes cancer treatment says it has made him a better person

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – R.C. Slocum has faced a lot of formidable opponents when he was on the sidelines as a college head football coach at Texas A&M, but his most recent battle was against a form of Hodgkin’s lymphoma that he was diagnosed with back in July.

“God is still in the miracle performing business,” said R.C. Slocum after wrapping up his cancer treatment at the Baylor Scott & White Clinic Cancer Center Monday afternoon.

“I know the feeling when you first hear the diagnosis. I was out playing golf and then a few days later I found out I had cancer and that’s a shocking thing,” added the former Texas A&M head football coach.

R.C. and his wife Nel made the historic walk for his final chemotherapy treatment Monday and when it was over he got to ring the bell signifying the completion.

“To God be the glory,” said R.C. after ringing the bell!

Now Coach Slocum had been the picture of health until about six months ago according to his wife Nel, but a cough that he couldn’t completely shake caused him to see a doctor

“I think it was just maybe one of those God things to send me to a doctor and I went back and I said well I want to find out what this is so when I did the chest x-ray they said you’ve got some issues here,” explained the winningest football coach in Texas A&M history.

R.C. was thrilled that Baylor Scott Hospital and White and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center was able to team up for his cancer care and make it so he could undergo treatment close to home under the direction of Scott & White Hematologic Oncologist Juddi Yeh, MD who said R.C.’s positive approach was important.


“That’s been helpful. The strength of his community and the support system. He and people like him are really what inspires us to do the work that we do every day and it carries us as healthcare providers also,” said Dr. Yeh.

“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but I think there are lessons to be learned and I think I’ll be a better person for having gone through this experience,” graciously said Slocum.

R.C. concluded our interview by saying if you have your health don’t sweat the little things. He demonstrated that by pointing out the beauty around us at the Healing Garden at Scott & White Hospital.

When ask what he is looking forward to now that his treatment was complete he mentioned taking his first head-to-toe shower tonight!

Written by Darryl V Bruffett

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