Christmas on the Square returning to Claude

ABC7 News talked to organizers of Claude’s Christmas on the Square event to see what’s being added to increase safety during the holidays and how final preparations are coming along.

Downtown Claude will come back to life Saturday, Dec. 4 with the annual Christmas on the Square.

ABC7 News talked to organizers to see what’s being added to increase safety during the holidays and how final preparations are coming along.

“We’re just eager for the opportunity to show what we have,” said Tessa Morrow, business owner.

Businesses in downtown Claude are extending their hours on Dec. 4 so people can do their holiday shopping.

“Being a business owner here in town we’ve been grateful that things have picked back up a little bit more,” said Morrow. “It’s a big day for this evening for us to be open when we’re typically not open to having people come by were just grateful that people will come by and see what we have to offer.”


“We have sent up a request for the north pole requesting Santa make an appearance and the last I heard he is supposed to be here because the weather is supposed to be great,” said Gena Ray, member of Claude Chamber of Commerce.

As more people attend, more activities are added. This year an interactive intoxication simulator will be on hand to educate those who risk mixing drinking and driving.

“We get to show what it’s like if they’re distracted or intoxicated,” said Melissa Anderson, sheriff of Armstrong County. “This will, I hope give people an understanding of what it’s like to have a drink or two leave that party and think you’re fine but you’re not.”

Armstrong County Sheriff Melissa Anderson tells ABC 7 News, the holidays can quickly turn from joy to sadness if motorists aren’t vigilant as more people and kids are out and about.

“Especially in the dusk hours and evening hours people are going to be putting out decorations and lights things of that nature,” said Anderson. “Slow down, pay attention and watch your surroundings just pay attention to those that are around you.”

“Each year we try to capture that feeling of small-town Hallmark just warmth and feeling when they’re here,” said Ray.

What started in 2016, as a one-day event has now grown to encompass multiple events over multiple days. An Artisan Show kicks off the festivities at the County Building starting at 10 a.m. on Dec. 4 with activities running well into the night. On Dec. 17 a golf cart and ATV Light Parade are planned along with a scavenger hunt that runs through Dec. 27 with the rules and game board being published soon.

Written by Drew Powell

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